Products created by responding to customers' needs

Products created by responding to customers' needs
Pick up products in increasingly-inquired fields and well-received products. Matsui recommends these products with confidence.

Recommended Products


KOENIG-EXPANDER® is the world top level sealing solution by sealing holes promptly and firmly. It is used for various materials and is very versatile so that it is used in many industries such as engine, gear box and component inside fuel injection system.

Torque Limiter
Backlash Less Coupling
Safety Brake

Matsui is the exclusive agent of Mayr which supplies unique products such as torque limiter EAS series developed for the purpose of breakage prevention by operation mistake, various coupling series as a solution for servo motor coupling problem, and safety brake series with the best line-up of products in the world.


Matsui is an agent of Manner which is a leading company with technologies such as a torque transducer produced in collaboration with advanced companies, design and manufacture of a customized embedded torque meter and an advanced European telemetry technology that is adopted by many companies ranging from auto industry to wind generation.

Hoisting System

Simple structure and detachable new hoisting system considerably improve working efficiency at high locations such as iron tower and wind mill.
Load bearing aluminum rail is maintenance-free and usable under severe weather and environment. The independent safety device prevents excessive speed and rapid falling. This system considers safety first and is a unprecedented hoisting system.

Cleemann Chair-Systems

Since 1978, Cleemann in "Germany, Country of Chair" has manufactured chairs for ships with 30 year technology and experience has supplied to shipyards all over the world. It is the Cleemann chair system called SEATNOLOGY, the latest technology based on ergonomics responding to requirements of ships ranging from high-speed ship to large ship.

Boston Whaler's Boat

Boston Whaler offers a high quality boat with an unsinkable unibond structure, sharp operability, and stable ride due to Accutrack Hull System.
Matsui is an exclusive Japanese agent of Boston Whaler (in the USA) which is well known for boat design with an original unsinkable structure.

Remote Control Marine Camera System
micro-ROV DTG2 system

This system freely moves in water following an object taking photos. It weights only 8.5 kg, very lightweight and is a battery-powered system so that underwater research at location where power supply is unavailable such as lake and inner bay can be easily performed. Game pad type controller can be operated intuitively. Unprecedented low price is realized by removing excessive functions.

Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment

LAMOR is a manufacturer of oil pollution prevention equipment and a ship builder in Finland. It provides main products,weir skimmer, brush skimmer and belt skimmer, and lines up various products for all applications related to oil recovery.

Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment

From North Sea oil fields, these products are made in Norway, an advanced country for the oil pollution prevention equipment. The products are the result of over 30 years of experience with the attitude of continuous effort of improving the products. Main product is an oil fence "Current Buster" for a rapid response to spill. There are four types depending on the scale of an oil spill.


Marzocchi manufactures and sells gear pumps ranging from 0.18cc/rev to 200.3cc/rev. The products are high in quality supplied in small or large lots, and have a wide range of applications such as mobile, industry machinery and power pack for automobile. "ELIKA" was developed using special teeth after extensive research has received a good reputation for it's ultra low noise.

Oyster Aqua Farming Material

Matsui sells necessary materials and systems for aqua farming, grading and washing of shell fish such as an oyster, which are originally developed by MULOT(France).

MATSUI original

Customized Hydraulic Valve

Matsui's new proposal : Customize hydraulic valve selected by hydraulic professionals per customers' request. We can line up valve selection from 200 different specialized hydraulic valves that can be delivered to customers for customer's satisfaction.

Planetary Reduction Hydro-Gear

Since start of sales in 1982, Matsui's brand planetary reduction gear, "Hydro-Gear" has received a high evaluation for high-efficiency and compact design from various sectors such as construction, civil engineering, special industrial vehicle, ship, machine and pump to forest industry, and general industry. In 2009, the fourth generation product, Hydro-Gear HG series was introduced.

Hatching Equipment for Attaching Demersal Egg

Matsui's hatching equipment for attaching demersal egg can supply enough oxygen since water flow is homogeneous. Observation of eggs are easy because it is made from transparent PVC. It is compact but has a capability of highly efficient hatching of attaching demersal eggs comparable to a large scale hatchery.

Large Jelly Fish Crusher Pump

This is a jelly fish extermination equipment jointly developed by DONAN Co. and KOYTO Corp. A patent pending advanced jelly fish cutter cuts jelly fish with overwhelming power and high efficiency impeller instantly discharge the cut jelly fish. The product is made with stainless steel high quality sturdy frame which can be safely operated.