Products handled by Matsui

Products handled by Matsui
Introduction of main products for general industry, marine industry, and international trade. Please examine Matsui's products by confirming our past delivery records.

Fish Farming Materials

"Shifting from Catching to Breeding and Farming." Matsui widely deals with various aqua businesses: Supplies fertilized eggs of lake smelt, salmon, and sturgeon fry. Supplies farming device for tuna farm,on shores and land. Supplies display water tanks for aquarium and feed. Matsui's staff handles from water tank design to construction.

Water Tank Pump French Style  Oyster Culture Sterilization Equipment Oxygen Generator Water Temperature Adjuster Automatic Feeder - Fisheries Feed EQUIPMENT FOR INVESTIGATION & MEASUREMENT Artificial Incubator CLEANING EQUIPMENT Filtration Equipment Fertilized egg - Seedlings Other Fish Farming Materials Delivery Example
Delivery Example

We supply farming equipment of both domestic and an overseas manufacturer to fisheries experimental station, farm, aquarium and fisheries school etc. We have many sales recorsd of oyster farming equipments, artificial incubator for hypomesus olidus and samll underwater camera named ROV.

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Delivery Example PhotoCylindrical Breeding Tank
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