Products handled by Matsui

Products handled by Matsui
Introduction of main products for general industry, marine industry, and international trade. Please examine Matsui's products by confirming our past delivery records.

Fishery-related Equipment

Matsui has been supplying fishery machines which is our main products for fishing boats for many years since it is established. We recommend fishery machines and hydraulic fishery system to fishery related parties focusing on saving labor and promoting modernization. We have plans to sell these products to overseas.

Fishery Machine Marine Crane Steering Pump Side Thrusters Delivery Example
Delivery Example

We plan and design fishing machinery and purchase from manufacturer. Then, we supply mainly hydraulic system to fisheries cooperative, fishery operator and local work.

Delivery Example PhotoFixed Net Fishing Boat
Delivery Example PhotoTuna Aqua-Culture Boat
Delivery Example PhotoPurse Seiner
Delivery Example PhotoFish Catching Scene