Products handled by Matsui

Products handled by Matsui
Introduction of main products for general industry, marine industry, and international trade. Please examine Matsui's products by confirming our past delivery records.

Hoisting-related Equipment

Matsui imports and offers Mayer (in Germany) brakes for stage setting and major elevator makers in Japan. We offer High Step (in Switzerland) hoisting system for wind power related companies and high-place work related companies.

Brake Hoisting Sytem(Lift) Delivery Example
Delivery Example

As a agent of MAYR (Germany), we supply MAYR's brake to domestic main maker for elevator, stage setting market. Its characteristic as silent brake are recognized, the brake is adopted widely such as stage setting.

Delivery Example PhotoElevator Body
Delivery Example PhotoStage
Delivery Example PhotoStage Device
Delivery Example PhotoWind Turbine Generator