Products handled by Matsui

Products handled by Matsui
Introduction of main products for general industry, marine industry, and international trade. Please examine Matsui's products by confirming our past delivery records.

Shipbuilding-related Equipment

Matsui has been in the business related to the shipbuilding industry for many years. We supply machinery for vessel such as deck machinery, marine crane and steering gear to domestic and overseas shipyards. We also supply hydraulic equipment to facilities that manufacture deck machinery for large vessels.

Windlass - Mooring Winch Marine Crane Steering Gear MARINE MEASUREMENT Pump Marine Air Conditioner Propellers Side ThrustersDelivery Example
Delivery Example

We purchase deck machinery from both domestic and an overseas manufacturer and supply to domestic and international shipyard and shipowner. We have sales records of German made pilot chair and passenger seat to huge vessel, tug boat, fishery patrol vessel, fishing boat and passenger boat.

Delivery Example PhotoTug Boat
Delivery Example PhotoPusher & Barge
Delivery Example PhotoWinch
Delivery Example PhotoCleeman Pilot Chair